The Italian word agriturismo means agriculture + tourism. Agriturismi were first introduced in Italy during the 1950s when small scale farming in Italy became less profitable than in previous generations. To supplement their dwindling incomes, landowners opened their farms to tourists as rural retreats that offered fresh food grown locally, often produce that was available from the farm garden. The industry grew rapidly, and by the 1970s, instead of providing rustic accommodations for tourists, many Italianagriturismi began featuring luxurious lodging, fine wine by the bottle, and elegant cuisine.

Today, American agritourism has become a successful offshoot of the farming industry with vacation farms featuring farm-related attractions that appeal to people living in cities and suburbs.

Heinz and Maria’s farm in Dublin, Georgia, with its splendid Ristorante da Maria serves as the more refined European version of a U.S. vacation farm. The Dublin Farm offers epicurean-style dining for overnight guests as well as locals on Friday and Saturday. Specially-priced events featuring all-inclusive Italian menus are available from time to time. Sign up to receive notices of these.